Saturday, March 25, 2006

I went up to Pershing and sat in my mom's class for a bit. Teaching middle school is not easy. The kids just don't get it yet. I don't know if I'd have the patience for it. I talked to one of the other teachers before leaving and she told me that if I chose to be a teacher not to do middle school. After I let Pershing I got a smoothie from Dan's Vitamin House before heading to Pei Wei a little early to eat. It wasn'tas busy as it usually is on a friday night, so I went back and started helping on drahma, but ultimately ended up throwing rice for most of the night. Ef hit me up about going to see Inside Man, so I decided to do that. I brought along Layne and Elyse from work and met up with Ef and PJ at AMC 30. I loved the movie. And the fact that my phone was in it made it 10 times better. They also had the phones that we use at Pei Wei in there, so that was cool as well. A definate must see movie.

Now for some sleep so I can wake up and grind it out all day tomorrow.
I like how one of your favorite things about the movie is that your computer-phone was in it... ;P
it was like crash 2
the movie wouldve been a hundred times better if it had a motorola razor
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