Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yesterday was a good day. After my test I came home and napped before heading to College Station. I met up with a couple people I hadn't seen in awhile. Then of course I had to go visit Pei Wei. I left there and headed to the Delta Xi Nu spaghetti dinner. But they were running late so I didn't get any spaghetti. I headed over to Greg's apartment where we left with his sister and her friend from Michigan to go to the UT vs. A&M basketball game. It was a sloppy, low scoring game, but that's A&M basketball. After a STUPID mistake by Tucker. Acie Law gave us a beautiful last second 3 for the win. We were on second deck so we didn't storm the court this year, but it was still wonderful. Afterwards we went out to eat at Cheddar's, Greg's treat. I ate too much and I'd pay for it later, but oh well. I finally got to see Greg's apartment where we watched the highlights of the game, which literally was only the last second shot. Then I got to catch up with Clare, who I hadn't talked to in forever. It's so nice catching up with old friends. This makes 3 recently that at some point I didn't think I'd ever talk to again. We went through all her pictures from Australia and New Zealand. Such beautiful places. I left a little after 1am and headed back. Made good timing with very few other cars out on the road. I'm so very glad I decided to go. I really needed the day off from work. But now it's time to get back on my grind.
i was wondering why your away message said college station! hehe, i'm glad you had a good time :)
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