Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I ended up playing basketball before working out today. According to the past, it was my third day back hooping again, so I should've been back to my old form. And sure enough I was. The first two times everything was short, but today it felt perfect. I won 3 games of 21 in a row before we went to workout. While there I ran into an old friend from Holly Hall that I hadn't seen in years. He still has that same fadeaway jumper that's hard as hell to stop. The workout was good. I was able to increase my free weights by a lot. Quentin's right though, I need to get a weight belt before I go up on squats and dead lifts too much. Work was annoying for the most part, but that's okay. I'll talk to my general manager tomorrow about doing the manager training. He better back me on it. Kayla, a kitchen manager from College Station, is at my store now. It's been nice catching up with her.

If only I would go to sleep when my body first told me to. I don't get my hopes up for many things, but I'll keep hoping for this.
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