Saturday, April 08, 2006

I got a text message from a very odd and long number yesterday at work. It took me a second, but then I realized it must've been from Rose. And it was. That was very surprising and nice. I had no clue you could text message across the world. It's been nice chatting with her a little the past couple days. It's been awhile.

Last night I went to see Take the Lead. It was very good. I really enjoyed it. I needed that after another long day at work. One more double tomorrow then I get Monday off. Just one more day. But somebody didn't show up tonight after they were there this morning, so they got fired, which means we'll be short all day tomorrow. How can you just not show back up when you're only supposed to be taking an hour break? Maybe she has a good reason we just don't know about yet. We'll see. That meant I had to close support. I didn't mind too much though because it just means more overtime hours for me, which means more money.

I should sleep now, but I'm hungry. I need to stop eating before I hit 200lbs. That's fat for me :-(
Pssh! You can't be fat! You're Matt!! ;)
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