Sunday, July 30, 2006

Today was another good day. A long one, but a good one. I woke up and did Chinese breakfast with Q, Ding, Kristan, Angie, and Albert. Always good times when with good friends. After that I did some more stuff at the old apartment. Then it was off to work. It was ridiculously slow today, but luckily time didn't seem to slow down like it usually does. Plus I was working with people I liked.

Marlene bought herself a new car today. It's a Toyota Scion Tc. It's a nice little car. Black on black. Not much trunk space, but the back seats do recline. I was surprised, but it has a little kick to it when you hit the accelerator. Hopefully I'll get more chances to test drive it. The first one was fun when I got to take it out tonight to see Miami Vice with Loren and Q. Not a great plot, but an enjoyable movie.

I should really be asleep now since I have work at 8am tomorrow and I'll be there all day. But that's not my style.
Haha, no, unfortunately, sleep is NOT your style. >P

But yes, good times always ensue with good friends. I just wish I'd remembered to take pictures! Next time. ;)
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